Sound of Fractures Crafts ‘Scenes’ An Immersive Nu-Garage & Electronica Journey

Sound of Fractures just dropped a distinctive album in, Scenes, and it’s already making waves. Big names like Mixmag, DMY, Magnetic Magazine, and C-Heads are all singing its praises. This album isn’t just something you listen to, it’s an experience you dive into with both feet. Fans get to submit their own custom artwork for the tracks, and these pieces will be shared all over social media and displayed in an exhibition and album launch. It’s a full-on community vibe.

Jamie, the genius behind Sound of Fractures, has already blown us away with tracks like ‘Real Friends’ and ‘Let Go.’ His music is a powerful mix of film, stories, and raw human emotion. With “Scenes,” he takes things up a notch by blending influential elements from Jamie XX and Burial with unique found sounds, like his daughter’s heartbeat.

This album is something that is fan-first, full on. Jamie invites them to share their photos and memories, turning each track into a personal “Scene.” He says, “World Building is forging these connections that create strong emotional bonds around an artist’s music. In today’s digital life, music isn’t just a product; it’s an entire world that fans should desire to engage with, to be part of.”

Scenes is a wild ride through intense emotions, raw energy, and top-notch production. The blend of UK garage and electronica is fresh and exciting, making it easy ride to return to again and again.




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