SubSpace Flips Lauv & Anne Marie’s “Fuck, I’m Lonely” With Future Bass Drop

Indian dance producer SubSpace has released his latest track, an energetic future bass remix of Lauv and Anne Marie’s track “Fuck, I’m Lonely.” SubSpace keeps the essence of the original pop track the same, but makes a few key changes. First, he slows down the tempo of the track, giving the vocals a more relaxed feel. He also adds a powerful future bass drop, utilizing vocal chops made from the original vocal.

Already known as one of India’s top trap producers, SubSpace is quickly expanding into other markets. His recent track “Pop It!” was even released on the prestigious Dutch record label; “Spinnin’.” In addition to his recent remix of Lauv, SubSpace has also found success remixing tracks by artists like DJ Khalid and Justin Bieber.

Stream “Lauv & Anne Marie – Fuck, I’m Lonely [SubSpace Remix]” Here:





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