Subtronics Unleashes 7 Track ‘String Theory EP’

On October 9th, Philadelphia native Jesse Kardon AKA Subtronics dropped the heavyweight ‘String Theory EP’ on his label, Cyclops Recordings.

This seven track EP starts out in a bold but humorous way with “Nitrous Mafia,” picking up vocal samples from the viral Daddy Chill video. The jagged rhythms building up with the “what the hell is even that” sample will be sure to grab your attention. The following track, “Clockwork,” has a mysterious sort of vibe with a playful melody and hard-charging beats.

“Melt Ur Brain” is one of two tracks from the whole EP where Subtronics collaborates with another artist, and this one is with Wooli. The stabbing synths and crashing snares in this song create a hypnotizing flow. Kompany is the next artist Subtronics brings into this EP with “Wicked Witch,” just in time for Halloween! This is another one chockfull of fun vocal shots and hard-hitting drum patterns.

To complete the EP, Subtronics comes in with three more solo tracks, “Broken Code,” “String Theory,” and “Professor Chaos.” Each one contains it’s own unique styles and quirks; from the title track, “String Theory,” with fantastic sci-fi qualities to “Professor Chaos,” with a more downtempo, 808 flavor, the ‘String Theory EP’ covers all basses.

Subtronics says about his EP: “I’m so thrilled to finally share my ‘String Theory’ EP with everyone. It is a direct reflection of the wide range of emotions I have been experiencing through the pandemic. I wanted to encapsulate them in my music which resulted in a unique vibe that is my most honest form. Through this process I stayed true to myself and the sounds that made me happiest, a huge priority of mine always.”

Gaby Lara
Gaby Lara
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