Sun-El Musician Portal to South African Dance Music

The unassuming musical powerhouse of South Africa takes center stage as a beacon of ingenious music unbounded by typical sonic-stylings. More specifically, the African nation is responsible for some of the best electronic music of the past year — but most likely longer. Most fans of dance music and the greater electronic spectrum will know and recognize Black Coffee, who just released an album, but there are more great artists building truly spectral-like waves of sound like those at the forefront of the nation’s amapiano and kwaito movements that have laced their tentacles in the ever-evolving dance scene that has even seen Diplo praise.

One such act that has built a ravenous following in his home nation is Sun-El Musician who is charging across the globe like Black Coffee and building a multinational fanbase. His music is a truly spiritual experience and one that transports listeners to lands outside our innate perceptions as highlighted by his incendiary 2020 album To the World & Beyond, an album that this humble writer truly loves. Before we dive in, check out his most recent release, which is the TikTok compilation for his highly successful “Ubomi Abumanaga”:

As you can see, hear, and feel, Sun-El Musician has garnered a ferocious fanbase through a wavy sound that builds with tightly woven melodies and hip-moving beats to unlock a metaphysical experience. He is easily one of the most exciting artists to come from South Africa and one that deserves praise. With this in mind and in recognition of his talent, we had Sun-el Musician create us a playlist that provides a glimpse into the South African electronic scene, as well as, songs that speak to him just like his music speaks to many around the globe. He also provides a brief explanation of why he chose each song. Without further adieu, here is Sun-El Musician’s de facto portal to the South African scene.

Black Coffee – Ready For You Feat. Celeste (Co-produced by Sun-El Musician)

It’s more of a proud moment for me, and it’s also an exciting experience to work on a different approach into fusing different sounds from different worlds.

Black coffee – You Need Me Feat. Maxine Ashley & Sun-El Musician 

Again, another milestone to be honest, the catchy hook and the Dancy groove also a track that fused different sounds ad different worlds.

Azana – Lovers & best friends Feat. Disciples Of House

It’s one of those grooves that remind a person of that one particular summer moment that stayed in your heart for ever.

Azana – Ngize Ngifike Feat. Sun-EL Musician

It’s one of those songs that remind you of why you started your journey and it’s also reassurance that if you work hard and focus on your objective you shall achieve it.

Simmy – We Were Here (Produced by Sun-El Musician)

We were here is a song that allows you to remember of how bold you are and we you come from and makes you believe that you can do more/ better in life.

Simmy – Emakhaya Feat. Sun-EL Musician & Da Capo

This song is a reminder that no matter how tough it gets in life, never back down cause you have come a long way. Gotta keep it moving!!

Sun-EL Musician – Never & Never Feat. Nobuhle

A fantasy world I can only reach in my dreams, a beautiful place where all things are possible, dreams are calid and love conquers all.

Sun-EL Musician – To The World

This song takes me on a journey into the galaxy where I’m surrounded by stars. It’s like I’m globe-hopping from one planet to the next and teleporting between decades.

Black Motion – Hosana Feat. Sun-El Musician & Nobuhle

This one definitely takes me to church. A very uplifting and spiritual song that connects me to a higher power. 

Black Motion – Ake Cheat Feat. King Monada & Chymamusique

t’s that track that makes you want to just be loose, put on your dancing shoes and just hit the dance floor and as a DJ it’s one of those that I hardly leave out of my sets.

Da Capo – Uji

It’s one of those songs that just makes want to be on the dance floor, it brings out a spiritual dancer within oneself

Frigid Armadillo – Roam in a day

The song title alone makes it have that feeling of roaming around and traveling to any place and have it on repeat.

Sun-EL Musician – Chasing Summer Feat. Msaki & Claudio X Kenza

It is quite self-explanatory, I am chasing the Sun, chasing the good vibes where everybody is having a blast!