Surf Mesa & Gus Dapperton Join Forces Dropping New Single ‘Somewhere’

Electronic, alternative producer Surf Mesa collaborates with American songwriter Gus Dapperton, dropping new single ‘Somewhere’ on all platforms. Surf Mesa has taken his passion for gaming and consolidated his love for computers into a more productive form of expression. The rising musician recently has turned heads within the music industry, after releasing his hit single ‘ily (i love you baby)’ featuring Emilee back in 2019. The duo joined forces via TikTok, as he came across Emilee Flood covering an acoustic version of Frankie Vallies 1967 hit ‘I Can’t Keep My Eyes Off You’. The producer promptly created the hit single in one sitting, immediately receiving an inundation of record labels looking to sign the rising artist.

The young star’s buoyant theme within his music has engaged well-known artists around the world, including names as big as Marshmello, Hasley, BENEE and needless to say, Gus Dapperton. Gus Dapperton’s big break took place in 2017 when he released singles ‘Prune You Talk Funny’ and ‘I’m Just Snacking.’ The artist has since made and maintained a footprint in the Indie pop music scene. The young originator has also prepared an eagerly-awaited upcoming album, expected later this year.

The melding of this duo’s creative minds has generated a warm, melodic vibe that categorizes this single in the feel-good genre. Surf Mesa underlines how he enjoys making songs that have soul, highlighting why these artists’ music styles mesh well. It is to be expected that this single is just one of the many growing collaborations that this artist will bring to fruition.

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