Swedish House Mafia Release New Merch Line and Fans Are Not Into It

Swedish House Mafia are yet to release new music since reuniting, although we have been teased with some great new tracks captured at performances. The group’s image in the meantime has been taken several blows, after cancelling a scheduled performance at Ultra in Korea and amidst rumours, they will cancel more shows. Now they’ve released a new merch line which features their iconic track “Save The World” and another using their name, but fans are not having it.

The designs which have been likened to a metal band are not exactly what one would expect when you think of the iconic brand. See below for some of the comments from fans, they’ve turned comments off on the Instagram post and replies on Twitter and Facebook are overwhelmingly negative, one user comments “I’m sorry… but they look so bad. It’s like a 2002 graphic designer made these.”. With others not concerned with the design but simply viewing the move as yet another cash grab rather than delivering on music that the fans actually want to hear.

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