Tom Swoon Sentenced For Fatal Accident


8 months on from his life changing mistake, Tom Swoon has been officially sentenced. If you haven't heard, Tom Swoon, real name Dorian Tomasiak was drunk driving and crashed into another car, killing one passenger and sending the driver to the hospital. 

He has been officially sentenced to four years, eight months in prison, as well as lifetime ban on driving a car, and a fine of 50 thousand PLN for the victims (approximately $13,500 USD).

However, the prosecutor didn’t agree with the sentencing. As he argues, that the punishment is inadequate for the crime, requesting an additional 18 months in prison and a higher fine of 60,000 PLN (approx. $16,000 USD).

Tom was seen understandably weeping and said the following;

“I don’t remember much that day. I remember that I was in my room, and then for a long time nothing, until the handcuffs were on my hands and I heard that I had killed a man,” he spoke with difficulty, breathing heavily.
“Knowing that I’ve taken a person’s life is the greatest punishment that could have happened to me. I am not even able to ask for it, but I apologize to you wholeheartedly,” he said, addressing the driver who survived the crash.

The is no excuse for what Dorian has done, however we hope he provides a positive contribution to the dance music scene once his prison sentence is completed. 




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