Swedish House Mafia Possibly Share Coordinates To Tour Venue Via Cryptic Instagram Ad

Swedish House Mafia has been keeping their fans on their toes for some time. The iconic trio recently finished up their tour run in style with Creamfields in the UK, Lollapalooza in Berlin and Singapore’s Grand Pix. Now fans are eagerly waiting for their next move. Are they revealing the possible venues for an upcoming new tour through Instagram Ads or is Reddit once again showing off the trolls?

Update: As we thought, the post has now been deleted off Reddit and looks to be a false alarm. But the poster has a curious backstory which has been revealed by another user who has some interesting claims.

The story of how I managed to expose a guy pretending to work with martin garrix from r/EDM

Since their return at Ultra, they are yet to reveal any new music release dates despite several tracks already being played such as “It Gets Better”. They were reportedly forced to cancel due to a new deal with Live Nation, and so it has been predicted that new music will be paired with a global tour in 2020.

As we know this trio doesn’t always anything the normal way, and today a little sceptically we have been alerted to unconfirmed reports via Reddit of an advertisement on Instagram that reveals coordinates underneath their iconic 3 dots.

The image is shared by a user who has an old account and seems like the average fan but is slightly suspicious based on previously seeking to be photoshopped into a photo with Garrix. Furthermore, the font used appears somewhat cheap and he only shared the image, not the screenshot of the supposed Instagram ad.

Furthermore, upon checking Swedish House Mafia’s facebook advertising (a feature enabled in the wake of fake news scandals in the US) we are able to see that they are not currently running any advertisements on facebook. That doesn’t mean this couldn’t be on Instagram but it’s not likely.

A screenshot of Swedish House Mafia’s Facebook Page

To the disappointment and frustration of many – but the now joy of a small few, their last teaser during Creamfields of a cryptic date was connected with the announcement of a lifetime membership prize. So could this really be the news fans have been waiting for?

The user who noticed it points out the particular coordinates link to a known music venue ‘Bellahouston park’, and the poster says he is from Glasgow. While many users joked its another pop-up shop, some users have pointed out that Radio 1 has used this as a venue many times. It could be a one-off event appearance, a hoax or the tour. However, only time will tell if this add starts appearing in more cities then we know.

This story is still developing.





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