Unique Music Experiences To See At Amsterdam Dance Event: Escape Room, Art Gallery, Kung Fu

From an Escape room to a studio enthusiasts heaven and a free haircut, read on to discover something unique this ADE. Whether you are heading to Amsterdam Dance Event for business or play there is certainly a lot to offer during the week between panels, Soundlab and ADE university. However, amongst the madness of the all-night music events, there are some other more unique ways to experience music and electronic culture this year which we have surfaced for you.

Droeloe Art Gallery

When: Wednesday, October 16th
Time: 12:00 – 18:00
Location: Rozenstraat 59

Dutch Audio-Visual duo Droloe have just released their brand new EP. To commemorate the release of ‘A Promise Is Made’, DROELOE and their label bitbird are set to host an intimate pop-up art gallery for one day only at Amsterdam Dance Event, exhibiting all 3D art the duo has created for this next project. It’s a unique insight into both sides of the creativity world of DROELOE, diving into the meanings and ideas behind the songs and artworks.

Balance Escape Room

When: October 17 – November 3rd
Location: Damrak 247
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With the announcement of his seventh artist album, ‘Balance’ album ‘Balance’ due out October 25th, Armin van Buuren surprised fans by announcing he is launching an escape room in Amsterdam to “unlock the hidden message of ‘Balance’ whilst simultaneously teasing songs from the album ahead of its full release on October 25”. The room will run for a couple of weeks and requires four people.

“I’m a huge fan of escape rooms, so launching my own escape room in celebration of my new album ‘Balance’ is something I’m very excited about,” van Buuren says. “I can’t wait to hear what you guys think of the album and the game, and I hope you can fully lose yourselves in the story of ‘Balance’. And that you manage to get out unscathed of course!”

Kung Fu Class With Laidback Luke

Sold Out

Laidback Luke aside from being a world-renowned DJ is also a world champion for another type of activity, Kung Fu. Bringing back his class once again to ADE, the Dutch DJ will guide you on an intensive work out session to shake off your Amsterdam Hangover. If this sounds exciting to you and you are at ADE, unfortunately, the event has already sold out. However Laidback Luke and his label Mixmash Will have other experiences including a pop-up shop and a DJ session on a moving bus, a partnership with Denon.

ADE Kung-Fu Session!

What's an ADE week without my Kung-Fu Class! 😉 Here it is! Friday, October 18, 3-4PM at TrainMore Amsterdam Oost Black Label! Tickets available now! No experience needed as always and a fun time for all! 💪🏽🥋Tickets at: http://po.st/LBLKFADE19

Posted by Laidback Luke on Thursday, 5 September 2019

Deezer Barbershop Listening Session

When: October 17 & 18
Time: 13:00 – 18:00
Where: Nes 118, Amsterdam

Amsterdam Dance Event’s official music partner Deezer is hosting a unique experience with a “Barbershop’ listening sessions. What is that you may ask? Well while getting a free Haircut you can listen to exclusive unreleased albums from some of the biggest artists. It’s situated at the ‘Deezer Home’, a full building takeover and rumour has it Artists might be stopping through as well, so you could get even more than you bargained for.

Museum Of Modern Instruments

When: October 17-19
Time: (17 & 18) 10:00-23:00, 19 (10:00-20:00)
Where: De Brakke Grond | Nes 45, Amsterdam

If you are a fan of electronic music, or music geek this one is definitely for you. As a core theme of this years conference ADE is marking the centenary of electronic instruments. To celebrate, ADE introduces the Museum of Modern Instruments.

In respect to the 100 years of history they have an exclusive pop-up museum including some of the most important and recognisable instruments in music history. Starting with the Theremin, ending with the 2019 cutting edge, in this pop-up museum you will find some of the most important and recognisable instruments in music history, a few overlooked classics and a couple of rare items, in a tour through the evolution of electronic musical instruments. There’ll be the analogue, modular and digital synthesizers that shaped the sound of electronic music and far beyond, an illustration of the evolution of the drum machine, samplers, effects, a Stockhausen-style setup, the introduction of the computer into the way we make music and more.

Zen Space: Lightscape, Yoga & More

When: 16-19 October
Time: 12:00 – 20:00
Where: Waalse Kerk | Walenpleintje 159, Amsterdam

It’s a long week, and while there are plenty of action-packed events, drinks and festivals to go to sometimes you might be in need of a bit of rest and relaxation. Thankfully this year ADE introduces the Zen Space, a multi-day program hosted at De Waalse Kerk – a Protestant church building in Amsterdam in the centre of Amsterdam where visitors can relax with a special sleeping concert, meditation and special audiovisual installations.

Among the many activities, you can join the morning yoga sessions by Equal Yoga, in the midst of the calming The Lightscape installation, get a 10 minute guided meditation of spatial light and sound or see ‘Body In Water‘ a collaboration between British artist Oscar Morgan under his Portrait alias & choreographer Magnus Westwell.

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