Wassu Unveils Moving Organic House Original ‘Osmun’

Wassu is picking up steam this year thanks to his roll-out of several meditative house tracks like, “Sun Kissed Computer,” “Full Moon,” and “From Afar.” The solo DJ/producer drives a balanced perspective via the music he makes, often embracing a organic house orientation. In July, he’s announced 3 new songs coming, the first of which is out today titled “Osmun.” The track is released on label Amulanga, home to a breed of sounds from artists that scratch a soothing itch in a similar manner, a fitting home considering the chill vibes, “Osmun,” takes on here.

From the first moments, you can tell Wassu’s “Osmun,” is something that will grow on you moment by moment. The various effects stacks up a relaxing nature bestowed generously and properly as it’s organic house flow puts a smile on those who take the time on it. Tender repeating synth melodies, soft keys, and a tribal-esque drum pattern work in harmony to lay on the love.

Wassu is a conqueror of the goals he sets his mind on and sees his pathway with music like a quest he’s confidently enduring. The young solo DJ/producer has plenty of studio time under his belt, which is probably why he’s charted so often on one of the world’s most popular spot for DJ’s to discover music: Beatport. He’s gone beyond just charting, reaching #1 on the Organic House Releases charts with djimboh via his Kavi EP in the month of February 2021 and reaching #2 on the Top 100 Organic House charts in the same month for the title single “Kavi.”

This is far from the only moment of success Wassu has locked down, headlining shows in Brooklyn, directly supporting Above and Beyond at their NYE 2020 event, and more, begins to give a visualize the lexicon of purpose-driven moments he’s brought on himself.

“Osmun,” is just the start of a busy month and has some next level moments worth cherishing within.




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