Wheezly’s Dives Deep With His Cinematic Remix Of “Chosen Ones”

At just 25 years old, Anthony Souza, known to his fans as Wheezly has reached a mature, polished level of production well beyond his years. His creativity is showcased with his remix of Las-Vegas producer Lucchi’s track “Chosen Ones,” released on Music High Court as part of the remix EP. Wheezly’s interpretation of the track takes on an almost rock-like tone. In the breaks, he adds a warm guitar to bring out the vocal: “I wanted to add something organic to the mix” he says.

The drop consists of thumping, movie-like bass stabs keeping the energy level sky high. Wheezly says it took him time to achieve the sound, but he knew what he wanted: “I really dove into the sound design phase for the bass hits in the drop, spending loads of time shaping the right sound I wanted the remix to have, which was this punchy firing sound as if it was coming out of a Halo gun.” he says.

It’s this attention to detail that has led to Wheezly’s success as a DJ-producer. His music has been played at clubs and festivals all around the world, and been released by prestigious labels like Dim Mak Records. His remix of “Chosen Ones” showcases the artist’s diverse skillset as an electronic producer.

Stream “Chosen Ones (Wheezly Remix)” Here:





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