White Lights Leaves His Mark with Debut Album Release “Numbskull”

At a time in modern history where pain and heartbreak are all too familiar, Johnny Shankman opens up a dialogue surrounding the unwelcome symptoms that often accompany the human experience. Shankman, best known as White Lights, is no stranger to feeling lost in a fast-paced world. Drawing influence from artists like Kid Cudi and Joji, White Lights embellishes his minimalist sound with poetry and lyrical prose.

“It’s neither an R&B album nor a hip-hop album, but the echoes of inspiration are there — recommended if you like Lil Peep, Joji, Aries, Kid Cudi, or The Weeknd. On the record’s title, NUMBSKULL White Lights explains, “I felt numb for a long time — I felt like my whole skull was numb. I was in such a dark place with my health that I tuned out the world around me. The process of writing and recording this album alone in my room slowly brought sensation back to my head and let me be present once again. It helped me realize that it is possible to find comfort within my issues. I hope to spread that message to others who are struggling to happily exist as themselves.” -White Lights

Now boasting a cool 1.3 million streams across his discography thanks to his heavily streamed singles “VR Helmet” and “We Were Freaks” and collaborations alongside Raveena and Abby Diamond, White Lights is storming 2020 to unveil his first-ever feature-length album NUMBSKULL. Following the wide-success of “Body Trap” and “Simulation Breakdown,” White Lights draws the final lines of the NUMBSKULL blueprint.





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