Who Is Hidden Face? | Artist To Watch

In a genre that moves at an alarming rate, the search for something and someone new is never-ending. The electronic music community desperately awaits for the next fad, trend, or talent to rise up for the sake of infatuating themselves with never being left behind. Being late to the party is always a bummer, and that fear of missing out is what simply drives many to scour the internet for dance music’s hottest new attraction. The imminent search for new music is endless and today I’m here to help you find your favorite new artist. 

Hidden Face

Hidden Face is a French story-telling house producer that requires your attention immediately. Coming from an area that has a deep-rooted history with the genre itself, this producer faces a ton of pressure to live up to standard. As his name suggests, his whole alias is anonymous. In an attempt to make the listener pay attention to the music rather than the person behind it, the artist aims to let his art do the talking.

“I produce music to express myself. It’s a way to translate my feelings into something people can understand. It’s like a language for me.

I’d like people to understand my vision and to get the stories I try to tell as I live them. I hope I’ll meet everyone who understands that message so I can listen to their stories as well. Every person I meet inspires me. Everything around me is a source of inspiration in life and musically.”
Hidden Face

I think what makes Hidden Face special isn’t the branding or the anonymity, this is far surpassed a gimmick. The genuine motive to put music out for artistic fulfillment is a rarity these days. With everyone competing for attention, Instagram likes, and false confidence – the producer strives for mutual connection via music. When asked how he would describe his style he simply replied, “I’d say cinematic emotional tech house haha. I try to make people dance and cry at the same time.” You see, Hidden Face’s music isn’t something to skip through – I perceive it as a journey. Creating a harmonious atmosphere with each record, the musician never fails to set the tone to his story from the minute you hit play. Providing an outlet to escape reality through song, you won’t get the same experience with many others. Relying heavily on warm chord progressions, vibrant basslines, and ambient vocal chops; this talent is one of the best at translating emotion into song. 


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