Will Sparks Releases Long-Awaited EP ‘Nothing More, Nothing Less’

Will Sparks impresses fans with his highly-anticipated EP ‘Nothing More, Nothing Less‘ available for listening today, via Armada Music. The 28-year-old Melbourne Bounce pioneer has already made an imprint in the industry, topping the charts with double Platinum records, 2.8 million monthly Spotify listeners and an overall 600 million streams. The artist remains dominant across various EDM charts and festival lineups around the world.

The five-track EP shadows his previous work, featuring hard and aggressive sounds, all while introducing new aspects of creative energy. Will Sparks stated in a recent interview “This body of work started at the beginning of COVID-19. I worked my way back into a routine and was in the studio daily. It inspired me to think outside the box and change my sound while sticking to my roots. I’ve always valued authentic, hard-hitting music that makes the listener feel a sense of euphoria. I’ve challenged myself to design sounds and create certain musical techniques that have never been done before. This period of exploration and experimentation was such a release for me. It gave me a purpose and the belief that my sound is continuing to evolve.”

It is clear that Will Sparks has achieved monarch status in the industry, forever shaping the electronic dance music scene with his innovative and impactful touch. Listen now, as this EP will most likely be a part of Will Sparks upcoming sets, as live music resurfaces.





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