Willaris. K drops “DETACH” – A Magical New Single and Visualizer

A slithering pulse creeps around entangling those in its wake. Once you realize what’s happening it’s too late. You’re fastened to your spot and you can’t resist. The pulse has taken you. You’re now ensnared in Willaris. K’s sonic web.

That is what it’s like to click play on “DETACH”, Willaris. K’s new single from Astralwerks.

I first came across the rising Australian artist from his remix of RÜFÜS DU SOL’s hit, “Underwater”. The 9-minute track shines a light upon a wavy, deep driving spectacle filled with penetrative sounds that stick to the inner-workings of listeners’ minds. It’s hauntingly beautiful and unveiled an artist poised for something grand.

After Willaris’s “Underwater” remix came a slew of tantalizing singles with each building a clear, consistent vision and sound. They flow impeccably into the audacious “DETACH”.

The synth-heavy track is a breathtaking foray into the nebulous undertow of the experimental electronica subsection of dance music. Within “DETACH”, Willaris builds a vibrant sonic world that could be compared to artists like Four Tet, Jon Hopkins, and Floating Points. That isn’t to take anything away from “DETACH”, as it is a marvelous and vibrant sound that stirs provocative feelings. But it does highlight the prodigious talent of Willaris where he can comfortably be compared to such stalwarts of the genre.

Upon release, “DETACH” came with one of the most original and creative visualizers. It distorts reality and further builds upon the industrial and underground nature of Wilaris’s sound and vision. Personally, I watched the visualizer multiple times because it truly conjured prickly feelings that improved the experience.

Willaris. K has made magic once again and is an artist at the forefront of original, creative electronic music. He will be a consistent voice for years to come.

To stream “DETACH” or watch the visualizer scroll down or follow the links here and here.




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