AREA21’s Debut Album ‘Greatest Hits Vol. 1’ Has Finally Arrived

The collaborative effort between Martin Garrix and Maejor: AREA21 today drops their album Greatest Hits Vol. 1. The 12 track project has seen a trickle of singles since the project was teased well over a year ago.

The hip-hop orientated project merges the vocal and lyricism of Maejor together with Martin Garrix’s production abelites. Throughout the 12 records, the duo shine through with their respective contributions and the merging of them resulting in a special journey across the album.

The album is a perfect range of different sounds whilst having a consistent overarching theme. From the slower, more vocal focused ‘Time Machine’ to ’21’ a bouncy house production packed with energy and then ‘Going Home’, a atmospheric, melodic outro – the album offerings are perfect.

It’s no secret that AREA21 have a significant unreleased catalog and some of that has finally been released to the world. Maybe we will see ‘Vol. 2’ soon!






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