Artgrid? Is it For Musicians and Music Videos?

Every musician or band will come to a time where they will need to direct a music video. During these times, you may be in desperate need of stock footage for cut scenes. Stock Footage is pre-recorded footage of different scenarios that you can use to fill out the gaps of your project. This footage is usually not longer than one minute and can be very useful when you run out of content or need to illustrate a particular image you didn’t shoot.

Many people are often under the impression that using stock footage is cheating or copying someone’s work, when in reality, it’s not and can be used creatively in different ways. As long as the stock footage is royalty-free, you don’t have to worry about anything. There are many instances when royalty-free footage can come in handy. 

For instance, you can use stock footage if you are singing about the scene of a particular place and have no means of actually visiting the site. In this case, it would be wise to use stock footage of that area and incorporate it in your videos. Often time, many people use the stock footage over their green screen to give the illusion the singer is really there. Similarly, if you are making a video set in winters and winter is nowhere near, you can use stock footage to depict that it is winter in your video. 

We often want to include a particular shot in our video but cannot because of different reasons, in this case, you can take help from stock footage and use the shots you are unable to shoot yourself. Stock footage makes video making a lot easier, but it is vital to use royalty-free stock footage

Artgrid can help you get your hands on the best stock footage. If you are a musician or an emerging director, you can use the royalty-free footage Artgrid offers for a very reasonable price. You can get a monthly package or an annual fee. There are no limits to downloads you can make and have a lot of options to choose from. 

Whenever you end your subscription, you do not have to worry about losing the stock footage you have downloaded, as it is yours to use whenever you want. Students enrolled in a filmmaking program can make the most of this as they are required to make several short films and documentaries on minimal budgets. Having stock footage in their arsenal can help them with their assignments in the best way possible. You can go from project to project easily by using the stock footage available at Artgrid. 

It is very rare to come across high-quality stock footage, and Artgrid ensures that the footage you receive is of the best quality possible. You can find footage of everything, from changing weather to flying birds and crying children. It depends on your creativity and how you use the royalty-free footage to your advantage. 




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