Artist To Watch: Coldabank – An Intoxicating New Sound

A cascade of brights synths and a wallop of prickly percussion set the scene for a new sultry electronic artist to take center stage. With a matrix of poignant sounds and toe-tapping vocals, Coldabank is truly an artist rising to the top of the proverbial ladder. His new single “Afterlife” is the tipping point and shines a light on why he’s an artist to watch in 2020 and – of course – beyond.

It may be the first instance of CULTR taking notice of Coldabank, but that doesn’t mean the Britsh native hasn’t built a strong body of work and the metaphorical platform to launch his career into the stratosphere.

He first began his ascent with the warm and gooey “Lovin’ You”. At nearly 9 million Spotify streams, it ignited the early rumblings of a rabid fanbase and murmurs that a new electronic star was on the horizon. From there, it went on to be placed on hit-British television shows, Love Island and Sex Education. (side note, Sex Education is phenomenal). It also played a role in his work with well-known acts, Tinie Tempah, Labrinth, Charli XCX and Rudimental.

Not long ago, he released “Take Me Back”, a groovy tune that served as the end of summer’s perfect backdrop to sun-soaked pool parties and voyages with margaritas in hand. Its sleek coolness stood out, defying typical summer stylings and helped it stay in rotation as the pumpkin spice lattes became common.

That brings us to the present. On Friday, Coldabank released “Afterlife” on Warner UK continuing the string of impressive releases, further building on his artist defining sound, and cementing his status as One To Watch.

The track blends together the driving dynamism of club music with intoxicating commercial vocals. Nothing is overly complicated. Rather its simplicity is what breathes life into each lick of sound. As proof, the drop – and a few other spots – features a synth that shimmers through several high notes that adds a sultry texture that latches to your consciousness. It could have been lost in noise if it weren’t for the precise use of a select few chords. It’s these decisions that set Coldabank above the crowded field of burgeoning electronic acts.

There’s more to “Afterlife” than meets the eye. To better understand the song’s vignette on life, Coldabank provided us with this exclusive insight:

Having survived a heavy bout of depression and the breakup of a ten year relationship, my new material has a darker edge, and it feels like I am really finding my voice as an artist. ‘Afterlife’ is essentially about a rebound relationship, but in a wider sense it reflects rediscovering the thrill of being alive after having genuinely thought you might have lost it for good.


To stream “Afterlife” follow the link here. Or scroll down to stream via Spotify.




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