Besomorph & Coopex Unite On Thrilling New Single “Born To Die” With Ethan Uno

German producer Besomorph has had a hell of a run within the past couple of years, having now established his name as a prominent figure in the bass music space. Coming to streaming platforms and digital stores via tastemaker label Cloudkid, “Born To Die” is a collaborative effort with fellow producer Coopex, and features vocal work from rising talent EthanUno

The lyrical story portrayed relates to my own experience with past failed relationships. The idea of being “Born To Die” was inspired by the original demo title by Besomorph and Coopex. I felt that that phrase was captivating and perfectly described the atmosphere of the production. I built the song’s story off of that phrase, developing it into the idea that the connection that my ex and I had was “Born To Die.” – EthanUno

The short-single is accompanied by a hypnotizing atmosphere and distant arpeggios, supported by the evoking storyline. The dramatic drop rapidly and completely completes the dark sonic landscape that Besomorph and Coopex have already developed, as cracking syths and distorted bass take over, accompanied by a fun guitar riff.





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