Best Music MasterClass Courses Worth Your Time & Money; Hans Zimmer, deadmau5, Alicia Keys, Questlove & Armin Van Buuren

How often can you get step-by-step lessons, industry insights, actionable tools, tips, and strategies to master your craft or even learn from the most experienced and biggest A-Listers in Film, Business, Culinary Arts, or perhaps the Music Industry?. For 99% of the world that answer would probably be almost never. However, for $15 a month ($180 USD billed annually) with MasterClass, you can do just that.

MasterClass launched in 2015 and since has grown to be one of the most in-demand online education platforms. The platform was founded by David Rogier who wanted to see if some of the biggest celebrities wanted to teach a class. Now that online classes have become the norm due to the pandemic, MasterClass has surged in popularity leading to the addition of even more classes hosted by the world’s brightest minds.

Unlike an online course from a YouTube “guru”, with Masterclass, you will learn from some of the most successful people across traditionally hard to make it industries such as Business, Film, Entrepreneurship, Art, Science, and among many other industries, Music. In their current programing, you’ll find the likes of Spike Lee, Gordon Ramsey, Alicia Keys and Aaron Sorkin to name a few.

Masterclass’ music offerings include a wide range of classes hosted by iconic music veterans such as Herbie Hancock, Alicia Keys, Timbaland, Deadmau5, Christina Agulera, Questlove and Armin Van Buuren. They cover specific genre’s including Jazz, Country and Electronic music as well as zeroing in on skills in Songwriting, DJ’ing, Beat Production, Film Scoring and instruments such as Violin, Ukelele, and Electric Guitar. Read below for an overview of some of our top music selections available on MasterClass.

Deadmau5 Teaches Electronic Music Production

If you’ve gone to a music festival in the last decade, it’s almost certain you’ve seen Deadmau5. He’s one of the modern legends of electronic music and known for his crafty catchy productions along with his iconic mouse head. In his Masterclass which spans 23 installments, he touches on his own creative process, how to build a studio, how to structure songs, mixing, melodies, and talks about arranging his music projects. Additionally, he provides in-depth guides on Synthesizers, Plugins, and the tech setup behind the captivating performances that have made him one of today’s most in-demand acts. Deadmau5 also drops some gems on the industry shedding light on his experiences in the music business, tips when starting your career, and much more.

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Hans Zimmer Teaches Film Scoring

When you watch a movie, you can’t deny the soundtrack has an enormous impact on the way you interpret what you are watching. One of the masters of movie scoring is none other than the legendary Hans Zimmer. The Academy Award winner has scored more than 150 Films including Sherlock Holmes, Inception, Batman, Interstellar, and The Lion King. He is an expert at using sound to help define characters and support captivating cinematography. Thanks to his MasterClass, across 31 lessons Hans Zimmer touches on the rules of film scoring and collaborating with filmmakers and musicians. How to refine themes and score full-length films or shorts. If you’re not yet intrigued, check out the trailer below.

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Armin van Buuren Teaches Dance Music

If you’re a budding DJ or aspiring producer, Armin van Buuren is one to admire. Having started in the early 90’s he’s still one of the most in-demand acts around the world today. Aside from his successful career as an artist he also founded one of the biggest electronic labels and has a globally syndicated radio show. In his MasterClass, Armin van Buuren breaks down how he creates his hit tracks and pieces together epic DJ sets. With Armin’s Masterclass, you’ll get to discover how he creates his massive drops, tips, and tracks when recording vocalists and he’ll delve into the art of DJ’ing teaching you how he knows exactly what to play during his sets, and how to engage with your fans. Additionally, he shares his advice on the gear you’ll need to grow. His Masterclass comes along with a customized workbook that is tailored to each chapter to help you unlock your creative potential.

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In addition to these great Masterclass Music lessons, the platform has an extensive selection of courses for any budding musician to dive into. Check out Root’s member Questlove features in a DJ’ing and Music Curation course, Producing legend Timbaland’s hosts a Producing & Beatmaking course, Alicia Keys gives her secrets to songwriting, and legend Herbie Hancock gives you insight into the genre of Jazz.

Questlove Teaches Music Curation and DJing

Timbaland Teaches Producing & Beatmaking

Alicia Keys Teaches Songwriting & Producing

Herbie Hancock Teaches Jazz

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