Creative Genius’ Bob Moses & Zhu Finally Collaborate Releasing New Single ‘Desire’

Bob Moses & CTRL5 take an innovative approach, coming together to create an interactive animated video directed by Owen Brown, as they release new song ‘Desire’ ft. Zhu. The track will be the pair’s fourth full-length release.

Bob Moses & Zhu collaborate together for the first time releasing new single ‘Desire’ giving fans a flavor for what to expect on Bob Moses’ upcoming album, anticipated to drop on August 28th. This track is simple but heavy, as it simultaneously tells two stories about desire as well as the trials and tribulations of enduring love. The art direction of the official music video is commendable, leaving fans raving about the overall beautifully executed production. Bob Moses’ all-electronic production project and Zhu’s dark cryptic house vibe, has generated hype for this unexpected, yet fascinating collaboration.

This blue and red-filter story has intrigued those prominent within the industry, pinning hope that the duo will continue to fabricate future projects together. These unstoppable forces have opened a new door for a first-of-its-kind interactive video, leaving fans interested and longing for more.




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