deadmau5 Launches Genesis Avatar Project With 5555 Generative 3D Collectables

The head5 collection–which will be released today, Monday, November 15 at 3 pm EST on the Polygon blockchain–is the newest collaboration between deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman) and Nick denBoer. Nick, publicly known as ‘Smearballs,’ is responsible for many of deadmau5’s insane tour visuals featuring dancing bug-eyed farm animals and the many characters in the music videos for “Monophobia,” “Pomegranate” and “Drama Free.”

This project is an extension of those worlds and characters, where collectors will not only own an NFT but will benefit from additional token utility and rewards throughout the metaverse.

deadmau5 has been a big proponent of the metaverse and his newest NFT offering aims to further integrate and promote the industry.

There are a total of 5555 heads, being minted for 0.15 wETH (currently $677 USD) here – https://www.head5.io/

The NFTs are purchasable via the polygon network, after wrapping ETH.

Unlike other NFT projects, the head5’s will have integrations with a number of metaverse platforms.





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