Disco Fries Drop Latest NFT Collection ‘Friends of Fries’ Via RCRDSHP

Leading electronic dance music duo Disco Fries are delivering an innovative new experience – and continuing to pave the way within music culture. Known in the dance music space for their signature sound and exceptionally clean mixes, Disco Fries are forging their path in Web3 with a new pack titled ‘Friends of Fries‘, featuring some of their own music, collaborators, and up- and-coming artists, dropping on RCRDSHP on Friday, April 29th. The pack features over 30 collectibles in total, with rewards and challenges for fans to have a chance at creating a track with Disco Fries, as well as a 1 of 1 fan experience, which includes a full studio day and dinner with the duo. Disco Fries are creating more utility and rewards from this pack than has ever been seen before on RCRDSHP – even more proof they continue to set a new standard when it comes to what can be done with music NFT’s and all they have to offer.

Explore the ‘Friends Of Fries’ NFT drop here.

RCRDSHP has become known as the approachable way into NFT’s with their affordable pack drops similar to NBA Shot, ranging from $9-20, allowing fans to deep dive into tracks with many of the collectibles containing stems, behind the scenes videos, access to live events and depth you won’t find in your average Beatport purchase. Disco Fries have fully embraced this and did the first music NFT fan driven event known as ‘Participate to Create’ a few months back in collaboration with RCRDSHP, over 250 collectors, and recording artist Lena Leon. 

Disco Fries and RCRDSHP are giving away a free NFT also!





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