New NFT Project ‘Monk Mafia’ Is Aiming To Empower Asian Communities And Fight Racism

As the NFT space is picking up more and more steam with each passing day, lots of exciting projects are launched, offering immense value to crypto and web3 enthusiasts around the world. In a truly unique and fresh initiative, the upcoming NFT project of Monk Mafia is here to build a strong Asian community that fights against the injustices and prejudice that affect Asian people, while providing its holders with numerous perks and bonuses.

Monk Mafia will be made up of a set of 5555 unique monk NFTs, and will officially launch on the Solana blockchain by the end of January 2022. The idea for the project was born at the start of the pandemic, where the team behind Monk Mafia noticed an unprecedented level of racism against Asian people, with many of them suffering from physical and mental assaults from incidents as small as wearing face masks in public, as they reveal. Now, their goal is to use the Monk Mafia NFT project to unite the Asian community and build strong values against racism directed at Asian people. They will achieve that by creating their own charity fund, which will give back to the people who have suffered the most during these challenging past years; 5% of the project’s revenue will be distributed towards anti-racism and anti-violence campaigns towards Asians.

Holders of monks will also enjoy exclusive perks such as gifts and giveaways, access to private events and exclusive meet & greets. Additionally, 10% royalties of secondary sales market will be distributed back to holders, while the Monk Mafia team will be setting up a DAO Trust with 25% of the profit given back to the community through investments. Monk holders will even be able to enter the “Monk metaverse” or “Monkaverse,” where competitions and much more will be held.

Something that separates Monk Mafia from other NFT projects currently out there, is that the team is striving to build a genuine community, where each monk holder’s voice matters, and can contribute towards the future direction of the project. Utilizing a long-term roadmap, as well as plenty of connections within the crypto and NFT space, the founders are fully committed and extremely confident towards the longevity and the future of Monk Mafia. With a groundswell of influencer and institutional support backing the venture already as well as support from Hong Kong’s biggest LED billboard, the future seems bright for this project.

The public mint date is set for January 23, NFT enthusiasts save the date! 
– 8pm (Hong Kong time): 1st Presale
– 9pm (HK): 2nd Presale
– 10pm (HK): Public sale

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