Did Skrillex Just Confirm He Has Two Upcoming Albums?

Skrillex has had an album on the horizon for what seems to be years now. Many pieces of news and evidence have been presented yet we do not have a release date or album. OWSLA originally said to expect it in Q1 this year. Now the fact that Skrillex is working on two albums may have impacted the release date.

In a thank you message regarding his recent Grammy nomination for ‘Midnight Hour’, Skrillex mentions he is in the studio “working on my albums”. This could mean a number of things. It is very probable that there is solo Skrillex album on the cards, however the 2nd album may point to a Jack Ü or Dog Blood LP. Considering the resurgence of Dog Blood with Boys Noize this year, it is looking more likely than returning to Jack Ü with Diplo. The Jack Ü project has now been idle since 2015 but Diplo has recently teased a return.

On the other hand, Skrillex may release two albums under his solo name. Just like Armin van Buuren has done recently, Skrillex may split the album into two to differentiate between pop and underground sounds. In the past, Skrillex has mentioned he was doing “two bodies of work”. Whatever it may be, it is good news regardless.






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