Facebook & Spotify Bring Music To Facebook Stories

Having tripled down on their stories function with Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp, the social media giant has surprisingly waited till now to bring the artist-loved Spotify sharing music feature to Facebook.

With their focus firmly on the user experience, Facebook is constantly building new features around the areas people want to share, connect and discuss. It seems like music and Spotify has been a big winner as a result, and its part of a wider effort to bring more meaningful music content to the forefront on Facebook.

Many artists leave the social network to their teams, but the platform revealed in an earnings report that they had 500 million daily active users on stories, so it is no small community. However, this tool may also be a way to entice Artists and labels to start engaging with their fans on Facebook stories more often. Speaking on the accouncement Spotify say “Today, we’re rolling out a more powerful way to connect with fans on Facebook Stories — with 15-second song previews,”

Facebook and Spotify also enabled the ability to share tracks on personal user profiles in a Myspace like way – for those of us who remember it. While for the average twenty-something who’s grown up with Facebook, you might not want all your friends knowing your latest music addictions, many will. Those interesting features about a person are the core at what once brought us to the platform, much like the scene from the Social Network where Mark Zuckerburg adds relationship status to the profile.




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