Godford releases Incredible and Album of the Year-Worthy, Non Binary Place

Shrouded in mystery, Godford releases a cerebral tantalizer that underpins the necessity for inventive freedom and ushers in one of the best albums of the year in the electronic scene with Non Binary Place. Previously, we interviewed Godford to shine a light on the anonymous project and the themes behind his work in advance of the album release, which can be read here. The 11-track album fulfills the promises he set and unveils a sound that is nothing short of fresh, enthralling, and breathtaking. Sometimes taking a step back and beginning anew is all someone needs to breathe a new potency into the air, unlocking a new spiritual plane.

There is something to be said about the vulnerability of an artist who removes the veil of popularity to begin anew. Despite a renowned sound and career in place, he denied it and constructed a new project, removing all expectations or preconceived notions. That takes courage and strength and should be applauded, especially when the act brings us something so profoundly beautiful with refinement and — simply — sonic goodness.

Non Binary Place unleashes a vibrant world of shimmery sounds and prickly beats that slither over listeners, enveloping them in a gleeful, electronic atmosphere. Impressively, it doesn’t fall into a singular, confining genre box. At times, it’s melodic, at other points it’s trance, and others, futuristic garage. What it can be described as is a bridge between two times, spanning the chasm of the current moment, providing a glimpse into the past spun in a centrifuge of modernity.

At the heart of the album is an exploration of nostalgia, hope for the future, and the undercurrent of feeling that defines the human experience, connecting us to one another, despite isolation. The examination of these themes through a sonic prism brings together a rich, textured masterpiece that evokes ponderous thought and unveils a transformative experience, rivaling the greatest of albums and artists around. As the sonic narrative unwinds and progresses from the first lick of sound on “Blue” to the last whine of a keyboard on “Non Binary Place”, a truly special connective tissue reaches out and latches to you, sending you through a cohesive mosaic of electronic grandeur that is simply timeless and flawless.

To better understand the themes and ideas on the album, Godford provided us with this insight:

I made 50% of the album in the countryside of France and I tried to lock myself in a world where I didn’t have access to internet and social media. This way, I was in my own creative land. Over the past few years, I’ve tried to experiment with competing emotions and feelings in my music such as ‘rave’ and ‘romance’. That’s the story behind the name of the album: an emotional place where you don’t have to choose.

Non Binary Place is a sonic triumph for Godford and the man behind the anonymous veil. His decision to build a project outside the realm of his fame has brought forward an unexpected magical experience with swaths of feeling and thought, something often lost in today’s digital landscape. This album will certainly go down as one of the best of 2020 and is well worth a listen.

To stream Non Binary Place scroll down or follow the link here to choose your DSP of choice.




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