John Summit Releases Highly Anticipated ‘Human’ With Echoes

Over the last number of months, ‘Human’ has been captivating crowds everywhere with John Summit using it as a secret weapon within his sets. Now, sharing it with the rest of the world, ‘Human’ issues his masterful production techniques incorporating groove and percussion driven elements with rolling basslines. John’s has become renowned for his use of infectious vocals and in ‘Human’ he nurtures an emotive use of lyricism that reflects vulnerability as a human being.

While it has released at the end of the year, the record could be up for one of the best house ones in 2021. It seems to get better after each listen.

“Human is easily my most anticipated single to date. This record has taken months to perfect, and with it having over 100 different elements, my laptop has crashed many times during the process haha.” explained John Summit.

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