Karmaâ Enlists Max TenRom For 3-Track EP “Orient Calling” Via Cafe De Anatolia

Being widely known as a wrestler with his side project PRO7, Karmaâ is the new identity of this talented Toulouse-based producer. Combining classic and futuristic sounds, Karmaâ loves to experiment with organic and synthetic aesthetics, while bringing together his love for ethnic music with his remarkable skills as an electronic music producer. 

Following his single “Serengeti,” Karmaâ is teaming up with Max TenRom to release ethereal, 3-track EP Orient Calling via Cafe de Anatolia. Spanning over 23 minutes, the EP’s tracks undoubtedly take the listener on an oriental sonic journey in the Middle East with its smooth soundscapes and beats. Shared online several months ago, title track “Orient Calling” has already received 9 million plays on YouTube, while “White Sand” and “Safar” are bound to equally impress.  Released via forward-thinking music label and brand Cafe De Anatolia, the project in its entirety is a breath of fresh air that leads to some very special moments throughout, fuelled by tasteful production and just the right amount of ethnic escapism.

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