Madeon Releases Angelic Album ‘Good Faith’

Today, November 15th – French electronic maestro Madeon has finally released his Good Faith project into the world. Madeon came back to us with new music when he announced Good Faith and more specifically the first single ‘All My Friends’ back in May.

‘Good Faith’ is a prime example of quality over quantity. This was years in the making and the polished product consists of 10 productions, not an excessive number of tracks but each single is a standout. The LP takes you on a musical journey and the tracks are almost ‘score’ like, with atmospheric sounds and a glorious production quality heard throughout.

From start to finish, all the tracks present a similar feel and theme, with each one still having its own individual elements. There are definitely stand outs such as ‘All My Friends’ with its catchy melody and vocals. There is ‘Mania’ with its unique progressing theme that is particularly energetic. ‘Miracle’ on the other hand gives us almost a feel of the older style that Madeon produced – the vocal chops are in full force with this one. ‘Heavy With Hoping’ utilises a vibrant electronic lead to the last stage of the production, something that really showcases Madeon’s unique and brilliant sound.

We went three years without music from the talented Frenchman. That doesn’t seem like a bad price to pay now that we have this technical masterpiece! From track 1-10, the album is amazing and is a refreshing addition to 2019 dance music. Listening to the album thoroughly, it is clear that Madeon really enjoyed writing these tracks.




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