Mafia Game Trilogy Definitive Edition Set For 2020 Re-Release, Expansive Remake And Re-Master

Mafia Game franchise set for an official re-release on PS4, Xbox and Steam.

It’s almost 20 years since gaming outfit 2K games launched their beloved Mafia franchise. Several days after the internet noticed the official Mafia Twitter account sprung back to life after laying dormant for a long while, it’s creators 2K Games have finally announced that Mafia: Trilogy will get an update with the release of a brand-new teaser.

The first edition landed way back in 2002, on Playstation, the original Xbox and PC and it was a fan-favourite. The second instalment Mafia II has released after eight years meanwhile the latest edition, Mafia III was released in 2016 on current-gen consoles.

The video is a big tease only dropping a few details, a few short clips of characters from the past Mafia games show up along with the logos for all the major platforms PlayStation 4, Xbox One, the Epic Games Store and Steam. However importantly at the end of the clip, it teases a big announcement will come to light next Tuesday (May 19).

While nothing is official just yet, following the teaser users noticed that pages for Mafia & Mafia II Definitive Edition surfaced on the Microsoft store before swiftly being removed. It’s rumoured that the franchise will announce a significant expansion of the first edition including additional stories, gameplay and an original score, set to be released in August. Mafia II meanwhile will have a full re-master to make the gameplay enjoyable on current platforms and will be available on May 19.




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