Marshmello Drops Newest Album ‘Shockwave’

Just days ago Marshmello’s Shockwave album appeared on Apple Music, and today it’s here in all its glory. The 12 track LP showcases the electronic side of Marshmello as opposed to the recent commercial approaches.

So far in 2021, Marshmello has been releasing music like crazy, with 7 non album singles out so far and today a full album. The anonymous producer has teamed up with a number of fellow electronic artists from the likes of SIPPY, TroyBoi, Subtronics, Nitti Gritti and others. Many of the tracks included in the album are yet to be released, allowing for an extra special treat for fans.

Old school Mello fans will love this album as it brings back elements of the sound that was ever present in the beginnings of Marshmello.




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