Martin Garrix Suffers Bee Sting To Throat Mid-set and Continues

Performing in Montreal Canada last night, Martin Garrix was stung by a bee mid way through his set. Nevertheless, he continued on with his set, no doubt in a lot of pain.

Martin was booked to play the closing performance of the season at Beachclub in Montreal, said to be the largest outdoor club in North America. However, 10 minutes into his set, a bee actually entered his mouth and stung him. Just imagining this is painful. He continued to play until the pain was too much and sought medical attention off stage. Even with the considerable pain – he jumped back on stage to play the rest of his set – with 30 minutes extra for the fans.

Posted by Olivier Primeau, the owner of Beachclub. It translates to “The story is just incredible…this is Martin Garrix back on stage after he got stung directly in the mouth by a bee”. He said to me, “Fuck bro – I’m going back; it’s too extraordinary here not to!”

Martin Garrix has been in the wars lately, after seriously injuring his ankle, he has now had this happen mid set. He has been performing with a crutch and a moon boot for the past few weeks, this just goes to show his resilience.

Martin Garrix is a one of a kind! Continuing his performance and even extending it after a bee sting in the mouth has to be commended. We hope Martin Garrix is feeling well, we doubt this would interfere in upcoming shows.

Midway Group, the operators of Beachclub released a statement you can read below. Unfortunately it is in French but we’ve done our best to translate – that is available just under the press release.

MW MIDWAY GROUP PRESS RELEASE For immediate release Martin Garrix survives a bee sting at the Pointe-Calumet gorge, September 2, 2019 -The DJ, composer and producer was the victim of an attack  unexpectedly by a bee, during his second electrifying performance at the Beachclub.  The 23-year-old artist, Martijn Garritsen, was performing at the Beachclub on September 2nd for a second day in a row for the official closing of the # 1 club in Canada.  Midway Group’s Beachclub Stakeholder and First Aid team quickly took over the artist to provide all necessary care to ensure their health and safety.  Martin Garrix has decided to continue his performance despite the pain.  Having felt a strong sense of belonging to his admirers, he came back behind the turntables to honor his commitments to all those sold out on the day. About Midway Group The Midway Group brings together more than 200,000  festival-goers per year and manages the Beachclub at Pointe-Calumet, the Métro Métro & Oasis Festival held annually on the Olympic Park rEsplanade, the Montebello Rock Festival, the Arrivals Festival, the Festival Escapade, the Riverside Festival, the  Holy Bass Festival, Bass Ship Festival, Midway Artist Agency & Showkase Promotion Company. 




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