Martin Garrix Teams Up With DubVision & Shaun Farrugia Again With ‘Wherever You Are’

‘Wherever You Are’, the sensational new record from Martin Garrix, DubVision and Shaun Farrugia lands today. The melodic progressive house piece has been highly anticipated.

Premiered at Ultra Miami during Garrix’s mainstage set, “Wherever You Are” captivated the audience with its melodies and emotionally resonant lyrics. Shaun Farrugia joined Garrix on stage, delivering a stunning live performance.

The production is an epic dance record that captures the emotion and delicacy of this three-way team-up. ‘Wherever You Are’ is simply incredible, from the stand-out vocal from Shuan to the vibrant and touching production from Garrix and the DubVision brothers – the result is another that most not be ignored. This is not the first time all three have linked, the talents collided on the stunning ‘Starlight (Keep Me Afloat)’. If anything, their latest shows that ‘Starlight’ was no fluke.

Martin Garrix explained “This song is a special one for me. DubVision, Shaun, and I had so much fun while working in the studio together, and I’m super excited the 4 of us are releasing another track together. This song was just pure joy to make.’’

DubVision added ’’When we were in the studio with Martin to work on the foundation of ‘Wherever You Are’’, he got super excited and insisted on playing this at Ultra Music festival. The only problem was that Ultra was within a week and the track was not even close to finished. The 4 of us worked day and night to finish it on time, and we’re super happy with the result.’




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