Quibi’s Exciting Debut Series ‘Most Dangerous Game’ Wraps Up 15 Episode Arc

Starting out on paper as a movie 10 years ago, then to a tv show; Most Dangerous Game finally found life through new mobile-focused streaming platform Quibi. Starring Liam Hemsworth as the titular character, with Christoph Waltz starring alongside.

Quibi is a new subscription-based service that serves up content in small chunks, averaging 6-9mins per episode. Overall, the 15 episodes of Most Dangerous Game add up to a total of 118 minutes. This results in an experience that is very much like a movie, just cut up into 15 pieces and released each weekday. The short episodes provide enough content to feed you but ultimately leave you hungry for more.

Overall, Quibi offers quality content, but is still finding its feet. Video is only watchable through mobile and tablet – something that many will not love. Considering everyone is at home, with their TV’s and not traveling with their phones – the model isn’t exactly perfect right now. However, Quibi has stated that casting/TV playback will be coming soon. It’s possible for Quibi to become an actual player in the ever-growing stream wars – they just can’t ignore what has is proven to work with streaming and video, whilst still pushing their own individualism.

Based on the 1924 novel, Most Dangerous Game follows Dodge, a Detroit man who is deep in debt and recently diagnosed with a terminal illness. He approaches a mysterious man named Miles, who offers to help Dodge and pay him millions of dollars if he agrees to be hunted for sport.

Most Dangerous Game is an exciting and adventurous series, that will definitely have your heart racing at times. The acting was good for what it needed to be, Christoph Waltz shows he can be good in anything. Liam Hemsworth excellently portrays the character arc of Dodge, showing how a human would change and adapt to being hunted. In some scenes, it’s clear where the budget was limited, but was balanced out with some scenes comparing to AAA action movies.

With unresolved plot holes and an ending that feels slightly rushed and anticlimatic (compared with the rest of the season), the ending wasn’t the most satisfying. Hopefully there is a second season that further explores the world and its characters. With a tease for the next hunt at the end, if both Quibi and Most Dangerous Game prove successful, a second season 2 is almost locked in.

Overall, the 90-day free trial is worth it just to watch Most Dangerous Game, which can be completed in just under 2 hours. And due to the mobile-only Quibi experience, you’ll struggle to find its content through illegitimate ways… There is quality content for everyone on the platform, with 90 days free (signing up before May) – there’s nothing lost trying it out. However, should you pay for Quibi? That’s something that will need to be re-evaluated after 90 days, depending on what content they are offering then and on the horizon.

Quibi offers two subscription tiers: a $US4.99-per-month option with “some ads” and a $US7.99-per-month plan with no ads. Additionally, T-Mobile customers with multiple lines will be eligible to claim a full year of Quibi for free. (That offer is valid from April 6th to July 7th.)

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