R3HAB, Hungria Hip Hop and Mc Lipi Team Up For “Um Brinde pra Nós”

Connecting three acclaimed artists, Fine Business Music have done it again, this time bringing together the talents of R3HAB, Hungria Hip Hop and Mc Lipi to deliver “Um Brinde pra Nós.” The label is known for mixing some of the hottest Latin American artists with the biggest names in the world of electronic music, among them LADY BEE, and Juelz.  

“Um Brinde pra Nós (R3HAB Edit)” is a fresh twist on Hungria Hip Hop and Mc Lipi’s 2020 original, and a must-hear fusion of styles and sounds. Infusing the tune with summer-ready chords, groovy percussion and trumpet melodies, R3HAB is able to create an instant hit, that is certainly the first of many to come from Fine Business Music. 




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