Re-Watch Travis Scott’s Epic ‘Astronomical’ Fortnite Concert, Watched By Over 27 Million Players

This past weekend, gamers and music fans rejoiced as iconic rapper Travis Scott took the sta-game errr should we say the world in the online favourite FPS Fortnite for a special performance known as Astronomical. The stream which was aired several times allowed viewers or players to enter into a new dimension rather than placing him into it’s already existing world and was used as a way to premiere a brand new collaboration with Kid Cudi.

In its entirety, the Astronomical performance was viewed by a digital audience of over 27 million unique people, a record in the history of the game and questionably of all time. His giant figure and space themed Skins electrified the surroundings and stunned the audience with incredible graphics surrounded by unique settings, many of which were inspired by his own theme park festival Astroworld.

While he’s not the first artist to get an in-game performance with Marshmellow previously hosting his own stage in the game. Where Marshmello only brought in 10 million viewers and featured minimal production that was new to users. The Astronomical performance differed significantly, not only that it saw him take on the opportunity with a bigger presence with his giant side for those who attended it enveloped them in his other-worldly experience. While the record is no doubt impressive, it also took place in month three of a global pandemic in which many around the world are already forced indoors looking for something new to entertain themselves.

The performance put together by Travis Scott and Cactus Jack’s creations saw Fortnite rebuilt from the ground up. It only ran for just over 10 minutes in total but it wasn’t an experience built for a full-length set, it was designed to keep the attention of everyone who attended and included performances of his songs such as Sicko Mode, Highest In The Room, Goosebumps, Stargazing & The Scotts – his brand new track with Kid Cudi.

Watch the full event experience now below via YouTube!

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