Skrillex Surprise Drops New Single ‘KLIPTOWN EMPYREAN’

At a very unusual time, Skrillex has just unveiled his newest single. Just after 1:30AM PST time, Skrillex posted the artwork and then the video to YouTube and Soundcloud. At this time the track is not yet on Spotify and considering it is a free download, it may never find its way onto official platforms.

Through Twitter, Skrillex explained that he is “Still finishing this main body of work but in the mean time I just made this today and wanted to put it out”. The “main body of work” could refer to his long rumored album that has been on the cards for the last couple of years.

If it were anyone what would produce a song in a day and randomly release it straight away it would be Skrillex. We are definitely not complaining, it is always a treat to get new music from this talented producer.

While this sound may not be what people were expecting from Skrill, it’s a pleasant 3 minutes and 46 seconds that we can enjoy before the “main body of work”, whenever that may be.

Skrillex dropped the track for free through ZippyShare, download it here.

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