Top 10 With Maggie Lindemann: Horror Movies

Maggie Lindemann has quietly risen as one of pop’s most subversive movements since her 2015 debut. After finding herself having visa issues with immigration in Malaysia, the pop star to be wounded up on house arrest where she began to dedicate herself to her music more. An unconventional path sure, but it led the artist to platinum-selling records and accumulating billions of streams worldwide. At the age of 22, Maggie has unveiled her voice as a songwriter, invoking a fierce amount of honesty about anxieties, obsessions, and insecurities.

As she prepares for the release of her upcoming EP “Paranoia” via her own imprint swixxzaudio, we had the opportunity to chat with the prodigal talent for her top 10 on horror movies. Be sure to check it out as well as her recent single “Scissorhands” below.

1. Orphan

“This movie FREAKED me out. It’s not even that it’s necessarily scary, but the plot twist literally ruined me as a child.”

2. Tusk

“If you’ve seen this movie, then you know. It’s disgusting in the best/weirdest way.”

3. VHS

“THIS MOVIE. I swear this movie cursed me for awhile. It’s so creepy and feels like you’re literally watching a cursed film. Weird shit kept happening to me after I watched this movie so for that alone, this movie scareeeeddd me.”

4. Hereditary 

“Purely because they decapitate the little sister within the first 15 minutes of this movie, I knew it was about to go crazy. The mom on the ceiling, the camera angles. Amazing movie. Ari Aster is a genius.”

5. The Farm

“So fucking gross. The concept, the meaning… *chefs kiss* it’s definitely not a movie for the weak but the concept behind it is just so good.”

6. Saw 

“My all time favorite horror franchise. It’s literally genius. I’m obsessed”

7. Quarantine

“This was my absolute favorite movie growing up. It was the first movie I saw that was recorded from a characters POV. So good, and the ending? amazing.”

8. The Conjuring

“I watched this movie for the first time in my friends attic. so.. just imagine that.”

9. The Ruins

“My dad showed me this one haha. My dad is the one who put me on to scary movies when I was literally an infant. We watched this one when I was in high school and I just remember it as one of my favorites he’s showed me. So good and creepy. Never will I go to any ruins in my life.”

10. The Amityville Horror

“I had to add this one because I was a horror movie freak as a little kid and this one for some reason had me so scared. The 1979 one. Amazing.”


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