Willaris. K Releases Warehouse Oriented ‘Full Noise’ EP

Australian producer Willaris. K (Jack Mcallister) has today released his four-track rave EP, Full Noise, on Astralwerks. Following his latest single ‘Chapel’ featuring rapper and sound designer WaveIQ, Willaris rounds out the package with three driving tracks that flex his underground sensibilities.

The original goal of these productions was material for his sets, dating back to inclusions in 2018 performances. After a notably positive crowd reaction, Willaris. K was inspired to follow through with an official release.

In comparison to previous releases, Willaris crafts a collection of frenetic cuts fit for after hours sets. Full Noise invites collaborations with legendary musicians like Paul Mac and Seekae’s own George Nicholas. 

Initiating with ‘Blunt Sword’, the cardinal beat coils into restricted, sparse moments of serenity. An expert in controlling tension, the track features Seekae’s George Nicholas, a formative influence in Willaris. K’s upbringing. While building the setup for his first live shows, ‘Tanzmaus’ emerged in a two-hour writing sprint, later becoming a crowd favorite and one of Willaris’ endlessly ID’d tracks. The EP closes with ‘Full Circle’ diving into Australia’s rich rave history through the stylings of Paul Mac, referencing his previous project Itch-E and Scratch-E.

Paul Mac shares  on ‘Full Circle’ – “I hadn’t done any techno collabs in a while. Jack got in touch, I listened to his music and thought.. yeah, this could be fun. We vibed off each other as soon as we met and came up with “Full Circle”. I love this track, writing it felt effortless and powerful at the same time. Now I just can’t wait to hear it on a sweaty dance floor”

GN on the background behind ‘Blunt Sword’ – “I met Jack a few years ago, after he emailed me some songs that I would go onto mix. I think we just got along really well and liked a lot of the same sad music, it was about time we wrote some songs together. “Blunt Sword” came about when we accidentally looped a section of audio which ended up being the main pulsing rhythm that runs throughout.”




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