Yellow Claw & Weird Genius Unlock Their Sentimental Side With Hush

Two momentous waves collide to take listeners through a kaleidoscope of warmth and beauty that envelopes listeners from the word go. These two waves come from opposite ends of the spectrum, one from the West and the other from the East. Despite the opposite cultural markers, these two have collaborated with wondrous jubilance and have unveiled a record boundless and mesmerizing for all. No, it’s not the newest Marvel superhero collaboration. It’s Yellow Claw and Weird Genius and they’re here to tantalize.

The Dutch duo, Yellow Claw, have long been admirers of global cultures, in particular, Indonesian culture, which has played a large role in their recent identity. Their fabled label is named after the mythical Balinese creature, the Barong, and quite a few artists who call the label home have hailed from Indonesia and Asia as a whole. It’s no surprise that their admiration would lead to a monumental release with the hottest and fastest rising act from the nation of nearly 300 million people.

Weird Genius is no stranger to Yellow Claw as the trio appeared on Barong Family with “Dreams”, their collaboration with DOLF and vocalist Rochelle that garnered an ample amount of buzz in 2018. Since then, the trio of Reza, Eka, and Gerald, has been a breakout star in the global dance music scene. Their previous release, “Lathi”, has been nothing short of triumphant success and has launched the trio to the stratosphere. The record has accumulated more than 150 million streams worldwide and held the #1 spot on Spotify’s Indonesia chart for over six weeks, setting a record in the process. If that isn’t enough, the track charted at #1 on YouTube and Joox, while achieving the #2 spot on the Global Spotify Viral Charts. They are truly a remarkable explosion with the talent to seize the moment and continue upwards to global relevancy. I’m sure we will be hearing their name quite frequently from here on out.

I would be remiss to not mention Reikko who provides the cornerstone to “Hush” with her marvelous and breathtaking vocal. She is another break-through act from Indonesia, after the success of “Down For Whatever” and “Can’t Stay Away” with the latter track being picked by Spotify for their “Women of Indonesia” playlist. This led the Siren-like songstress to be picked up by the upstart team at Pluus who signed her to a multi-record deal.

While Yellow Claw and Weird Genius are known for spicier and boisterous bass-laden records, “Hush” shows a subtle, more sentimental side to the acts. The song feels as though they crack open a heart aching for understanding and relief to form a sensational sound design that paints the air with vast sonic swirls of nostalgia, melancholy, and misty-eyed hope. It’s as if they took all their past hurt and poured it into making a record that anyone and anywhere could feel the emotional electricity. Then you factor in Reikko’s enthralling vocal performance and you’ll feel the tenderness swell as your thoughts rush over broken-hearted dreams from years gone. Despite the love-lost narrative, the record brings a warmth that wraps around you with tingling delight and brings feelings of hope and joy that will have you listening over and over. In simpler terms, the record is brilliant with unrivaled affectional qualities.

“Hush” highlights the multi-faceted talent of both Yellow Claw and Weird Genius as they take listeners through a beautiful sound filled with emotive connectivity that differs from the in-your-face nature of past records. Moreover, the record shows the talent that has kept Yellow Claw in the spotlight and touring globe for a decade and why Weird Genius is one of the fastest rising acts in dance music to date. “Hush” is just pure brilliance.

The collaboration comes to us from fast-rising label Pluus, which is the collaborative project from Asia’s biggest digital talent management agency, Gushcloud International, Reza of Weird Genius, and Ricky Tjong, better known as the artist SIHK. To stream “Hush” continue down or follow the link here to choose your DSP of choice. You can also join in and set a reminder for the premiere of the music video by following the link here or clicking the below embed.




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