5 Artists To Watch At ILLfest 2022: Kayzo, Tsu Nami, Veggi, and more

A festival-goers worst enemy can be set times. When a lineup is just too good, conflicts tend to happen, friend groups split up, and madness ensues. ILLfest 2022 will take over Austin, Texas on September 3rd and 4th, bringing a plethora of art, food, and music most importantly. We’re here to help breakdown a small portion of the lineup, to highlight a couple of artists you cannot miss at ILLfest and why. See you there!


Off the heels of his latest album “NEW BREED,” Kayzo has much to prove as he continues to ascend into the upper echelons of dance music.  Known for his highly energetic performances, you’re likely to find yourself headbanging till your neck falls off or singing till your emo heart is content. Locked and loaded for the main stage, Kayzo is a set you cannot miss! 

Ray Volpe

Ray Volpe has received an ample amount of attention for his latest “Laserbeam,” which made rounds across the dance music community for the better portion of 2022. Most Volpetron fans are used to the insane ID’s that come from the LA native. Volpe’s sets are no stranger to being annihilated by the producer’s arsenal of unreleased weapons. If you’re looking for the future of bass music then look no further, watch Ray Volpe live at ILLfest 2022. 

Tsu Nami

A jack of all trades, Tsu Nami throws down a fine blend of future bass, trap, and house music. It’ll be impossible to remove yourself from the dancefloor once she takes over the decks. One of the superior tastemakers in the dance music realm, Tsu Nami’s recent ascension to the Bitbird and Mau5trap rosters make her an exciting prospect and we’re sure she will live up to the hype.

Of The Trees

One of the few stage takeovers taking its course this year ILLfest is the highly anticipated “Memory Palace” takeover. Of The Trees and company will be picking apart the crowd through their infectious sound. Laundered in wobbles and deep sub basses, you’ll find yourself entrenched in a whole new world and community with the experience the Memory Palace takeover will offer. 


A byproduct of TikTok, hip-hop beats, and illegal mashups, you need to get accustomed to the talents of Veggi. The beat aficionado has spurred into quite the up and comer due to his viral videos and now original productions. If you’re simply looking for a good time, Veggi is the vibe. A true crowd pleaser, you’ll find yourself running through the charts of familiar toplines curated with a sultry selection of beats that will turn you into a fan. 

For more information, visit the official ILLfest website – https://www.illfest.com





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