AREA21 Are Back With First Album Single ‘La La La’

Martin Garrix and Maejor’s AREA21 project returns. Not only do we have a new single today, but ‘La La La’ is the first to come from the duo’s new album, landing very soon. Martin Garrix has noted that during the pandemic, his inspiration for festival music understandably dried up, which allowed him to shift his focus back into AREA21, which ultimately resulted in 12 track album.

Announcements and releases from AREA21 have always involved easter eggs and more than meets the eye. In the past the project have posted at times and dates related to “21”. As pointed out in the comments of the YouTube video, ‘La La La’ comes out 2 years, 1 month and 1 day after their last release ‘HELP’. No dates are a coincidence with AREA21.

In true AREA21 fashion, ‘La La La’ focuses on Maejor’s signature vocal along with a electronic pop production from Garrix. The new one is probably the furthest from Martin’s usual dance production, which may indicate the style in which the album will be. Martin actually described the album as “like Gorillaz meets Outkast meets little bit of Daft Punk.




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