Boris Brejcha Drops 10th Album ‘Never Stop Dancing’

Boris Brejcha’s newest project has arrive. The album, titled Never Stop Dancing has released on the German artists’ birthday.

A twelve-track release, Never Stop Dancing features no fewer than five tracks released as singles across the year. First up is ‘Spicy’, a track that combines driving snares and delicate piano chords with the fleeting vocals of Boris’ real-life partner Ginger. She appears regularly throughout the LP, first on July single ‘Take A Ride’, a meticulously refined techno cut centred around euphoric breakdowns and a pulsating bassline, then on the impulsive, rhythmic techno of the title track, Boris’ most recent single.

One of the hardest working artists in the electronic sphere, Boris has already released three EPs this year, ‘Vodka & Orange’, ‘Matrix’ and ‘EXIT’, while in 2020 he dropped acclaimed album Space Diver.




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