Cindercella Tantalizes Taste Buds With Unique Rhythm Of ‘Sour Gummy’

Cindercella’s a name many Indonesian already know, she is a multi-talented creative personality hailing from Indonesia who’s gained fame for her out of this world makeup styles. After releasing <3 back in 2018 which boasts millions of plays, now she has returned with her second single “Sour Gummy”.

‘Sour Gummy’ is a soft bedroom pop aesthetic that see’s her pair her sweet voice with poetic writing and chilled guitars. The concept of the song is very stripped back and is perfect for a chill Sunday morning. According to Cindercella, the song’s lyrics are letters aimed at those closest to her in entertaining them in difficult times.

Released late last month, Sour Gummy gained an enormous response and praise from around the industry claiming her the cover image of the ‘Fresh Finds Indonesia’ playlist and placement in New Music Friday. The track was assisted by an all star team including Indonesia’s Ardhito Pramono, DJ & Producer SIHK, and Iqbal Siregar.

Be sure to take a look at the video clip of Sour Gummy, it bursts with a colour featuring uniques scenes and out of this world looks cut between home video-style clips. However fair warning you might have a craving for some gummy bears afterwards.

If you want to feel the calm of this song, listen to Cindercella’s ‘Sour Gummy’ via Spotify below!




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