Will Wallace Unveils Epic EDM Debut “Greenlight” with Rachelle Rhienne

The easygoing 22-year-old Preston native releases his debut on Greenlight, a gas-on-the -pedal EDM banger. Will began his collaboration with singer-songwriter Rachelle Rhienne with a remix of her song Greenlight over the course of a stringent UK lockdown. With a flurry of hypercharged electronic sounds, exhilarating drops, and pulsating synths, Greenlight glows with elements of hot future bass, hyped pop, and not least of all Rachelle’s powerful vocals. The track also comes with a scorching hot music video, aptly set on a drag racecourse featuring adrenaline-packed visuals and a comically absurd storyline.

“I hope listeners will reminisce about concerts, festivals, and overall good vibes, and to try and take them away from the mundane restricted lifestyle that is currently plaguing the majority of the world.” – Will Wallace





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