COMANAVAGO Remixes Jessica Winter’s “Sad Music” to Unleash a Devious Delight

It’s the Holiday season and the triumphant end of the year. The entertainment industry has closed the books on the year and one that was beyond unpredictable. Before we can close the chapter on this year’s musical endeavors, we must take notice of two burgeoning acts coming together for one of the best remixes of the year. Ultimate indie-sad girl Jessica Winter has garnered a feisty foray from COMANAVAGO — pronounced “come and have a go” — to kindle a fiery-spirit from the soul of “Sad Music”.

The British acts, while newcomers, they are blossoming artists with underlying talent that can be felt across their projects. With Jessica Winter, you have an indie pop songstress that has an angelic voice that often paints the air with a blanket of melancholy, sending barbs of connection to listeners. It is from these pained foundational aspects that the self-titled queen of “Crance” — crying-dance — builds a wondrous sound and ideation that has attracted quite a bit of attention including BBC Radio 1, Boiler Room, the song of the day from indie tastemakers, KEXP, and receiving the support of Warp Records’ sub-label, Roya.

On the other side, you have an imaginative duo with enthralling ideas and sounds that radiates brilliance through masterful production work and captivating songwriting. COMANAVAGO blurs the lines of genre-classifications, like so many great acts that have broken out over the past year or so, denying a box that would contain their genius. They weave together a sound that has threads from electro-pop, hip-hop, emo, punk, dance, and even rock ‘n’ roll. The two-piece outfit wraps these together with a cohesive touch to bring about something that is simply COMANAVAGO. The best example of this comes from their album released this year, Heart Failure, which is a truly great album and one that needs far more attention. They are definitely an act to watch in 2021.

Today, we get a different side of COMANAVAGO with their remix of Jessica Winter’s “Sad Music”. The duo descends into a dancier club realm to bring about something with intoxicating fervor. They spin the soul of “Sad Music” through a UK Garage prism that blends wonderfully with the somber and pained-vocals of the original to bring a vibrant dance track with true poignancy. The beat and low-ends rumble with the right amount of energetic roar and the synth work builds an alluring atmosphere that strikes the air with intrigue. I also love and really appreciate the additional vocal work that they add. It forms an interesting yin and yang where Jessia Winter is the sadness and Gabriel of COMANAVANO is the rage that comes after the sadness. The culmination of all these elements is a devious delight that is sure to shatter the dancefloor post-COVID.

On the remix COMANAVAGO had this to say:

“Jessica Winter is a pioneer of Crance (crying dance), and COMANAVAGO are taking your tears to the dancefloor with their suped-up UKG mix of ‘Sad Music’. For being an objectively depressing song, the luscious beat always manages to put a smile on people’s faces. When asked for a quote about this track, COMANAVAGO accurately valued it at one million dollars. They were very upset when it transpired they meant quote as in ‘caption’. Sad.”

While both acts are relatively newcomers to the scene, both Jessica Winter and COMANAVAGO are poised for so much more. Their talents are undeniable and both bring a fresh sound to the scene. In particular, COMANAVAGO weave together a sound that shimmers with intoxication and one that holds cohesion across their entire discography as seen from their album to their “Sad Music” Remix. They are something special and ones to watch in 2021.

To stream the remix of “Sad Music”, continue down or follow the link here.




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