Breakout Star CRi Releases Music Video for ‘Faces’

A bewitching artist broke through this year. Backed by an alluring sound and a penchant for building wondrous worlds draped with sonic intrigued that truly mesmerized. It was no fluke that he had received a JUNO nomination in 2018 and proved that there is something truly special about his artistry and his ability to craft songs with true emotion, the kind that reaches through the digital world and grabs listeners electrifying them in the depths of feeling. CRi is most certainly a breakout star of 2020. Now, he brings his glistening emotive qualities to “Faces” with the release of its music video created by Romain F. Dubois and Menad Kesraoui.

Back in October, his release of Juvenile unleashed one of the best albums of the year and one that deserves far more recognition, maybe even a nod in the Grammy electronic field. Awards aren’t everything and I’m certain CRi didn’t make Juvenile to be acknowledged by an award show, but rather to bring something special to those who listen. Whether it’s happiness, sorrow, or simply a groove to move to. He achieves unrivaled depth and takes listeners on a journey through soaring sounds and tingling ethereal textures that culminates in thought-provoking electronica. You can read our exclusive interview with CRi to learn more about the album and project here.

His final act of the year comes in the form of the music video for “Faces”, one of his tracks featuring fellow Montréaler Jesse Mac Cormack. The video features two dancers, one a child and another a grown woman, that mimic each others’ dance moves and carry confidence and energy with each move. There is also an animated section of two shirtless men having a knife fight that seems representative of the song’s themes. Overall, it’s a dazzling video and works brilliantly with the music.

CRi had this to say about the video:

There is something very instinctive in this video, the two characters express themselves in their own way, through their movements and raw emotions, they are just trying to “be”. This video clip perfectly represents the state of mind in which I created the album and which I praise; to listen to your inner strength without looking for too much meaning, to let spontaneity surprise you and embrace it in order to give yourself a reason to exist

The music video was directed by fellow Quebec natives Romain F. Dubois and Menad Kesraoui. They are known for their work with Steve Aoki, Lemaitre, and Milk & Bone. They also created music videos for CRi’s “Why I Love You” and “Keep it Real“.

To stream the video for “Faces” continue down or follow the link here.

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