Von Galo & Typow Release The Music Video For Their Hit Single ‘Chains’

Released back in 2018, ‘Chains’ now sees the release of its music video. The song has been a hit for the artists, producer Von Galo, with JChristen the co-producer, the singer Typow and AB the saxophonist.

Closing in on three million streams on just Spotify, the artist have kept the promotional ball rolling with the release of the music video. The music video showcases the artists on a blue and red backdrop performing the song with a dancer, a simple yet effective music video that allows for maximum attention for the music.

Von Galo has released more singles from 2018 onwards, being an independent artist he has had to balance his life between work and music. Now he is one of the founders of the record label Torii Tapes in collaboration with his co-producer and manager that will allow him to release music more constantly.




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