Ladi Anne Shocks the World with Her ‘New Renaissance’

Ladi Anne is the full package when it comes to being a complete and well rounded artist: a singer-songwriter, producer, engineer while at the same time also a fully fledged director running her own successful music video production company. Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Ladi has spent the majority of her creative years since the age of 16 in LA, honing her craft and navigating LA’s competitive music scene. Every song and each music video this talented visual and audio artist creates has a distinct and well thought out scripted message to inspire shock, change and a lasting movement within the mind of its viewer.

‘New Renaissance’ is no exception to this established creative signature and impacting artistic vision of Ladi Anne. Ladi Anne wants to have full creative control over her projects and their message which inspired her to learn all the skills which are involved in a tracks birth from getting a degree at a musical engineering school to mastering the ropes as a director in LA’s music scene.

The vision of ‘New Renaissance’ song from Ladi Anne was born out of the dark days and fear determined paradigms of the pandemic. This track aimed as a message for rebellion, rising against the tide of the controlling narratives and to inspire a surge of confidence for other artists to express their natural musical and artistic gifts and message whatever the outcome. Empowering these artists and creators to rise out of the Covid’s fear narrative using their art, creations and inner growth as a message of hope. We had the chance to interview Ladi Anne and here is what she said.

Tell us more about your personal story and how this strong message and movement of the New Renaissance came to you?

The pandemic had just started and the whole world was afraid of what was going to happen. In the midst of all that fear, I saw the opportunity for us as a collective to reinvent ourselves and the opportunity for us to go about life in a completely different way. What I meant by the New Renaissance was that all of the chaos and fear was the ignition we needed to shake us out of comfort zone and to start operating from what is truly aligned in our hearts. So many people lost their jobs in the pandemic but I also see so many of those same people found their calling and started aligning with their creative passions which they has always wanted to do but now finally having the confidence to take the leap and share their art because they had no other choice but to do it. I wanted to give a message of hope and inspiration that the tough times were going to lead us to our rebirth and that would be a better and more aligned for us to live it.

How an earth does a singer-songwriter have te time to learn engineering and film directing?

I felt like out of necessity I had to learn the skills as I have a very particular vision in my head for my art. I always had trouble finding the right people to create my creative vision so I had to learn those skills to really execute my vision accurately.

What are your plans for 2022?

My plan for 2022 is to finish recording my EP and all of the visuals that will come with it and prepare a massive release for 2023. Also one of my focuses for 2022 is to use my spare time when not working on my project is to continue with my music video production company in helping other artist achieve and create the vision they have in the mind for their art with the skills and capabilities I’ve learnt over the last 4-5 years.

What message do you have for creators and people looking to get into the music industry this year? What advice would you have for artists who are struggling to realise their creative vision?

My advice would be for them to take their time finding their uniqueness, don’t let the pressure of the industry sacrifice your creative vision just to do something that you know already works. It may be tempting as it looks like the easy route to success but your creative vision will ultimately take you furthest and it is what the world needs. This vision that you have will generate the most impacting outcome for others so take your time to really craft that before allowing the pressure to release take stage. Prioritise your unique creative vision over anything else as that is what the world has been waiting for. Your uniqueness makes it timeless.